Josiah Miller


Our Trip to The South of France

Giving you an insight into how Belier shoot and have fun while doing it!

Cannes & St Paul De Vence

Belier takes a trip to the South of France, specifically Cannes to shoot our Bélier resort collection. Cannes exudes luxury and sophistication, with its beaches, luxurious hotels and elegant promenade, known as La Croisette.

We were also walking round the town of St Paul De Vence, it almost feels and looks like you've gone back in time with its stunning architecture and cobbled roads being untouched to keep that original feel to it. This style of furnishings and decoration is known as Baroque style. 
With the old school looking courtyards, small cafe's in the town we decided to have a look around get a feel for the surroundings and scout a few picturesque scenes to come back to, really making you imagine what is was like to live in the medieval times 'Way Back When'.

A BBQ With Belier

On the lastnight, we thought it would be a good idea to do a BBQ to celebrate and finally relax after 3 days of shooting. We were coming back from St Paul de Vence, it was a winding drive through the hills with trees either side until we stop of at a local butchers to get some quality cuts of meat and also to the supermarket for some other supplies, then carry on through the Provence-alpes-cote D'Azur region towards the villa.

After a very fun but long couple of days of finding locations and getting A* content in the South of France, Brad gets first dibs, as he eyes up the succulent fillet steak in his GREEN/ECRU RESORT PRINTED SHIRT.
Mind the fingers!

James enjoying a glass of wine from one of the local vineyards, taking charge on the BBQ and as you can see, he's cooking up a storm, while wearing our BLACK PLEATED SHIRT paired with our ECRU TROUSER.

"The other supplies"  meaning the white wine, locally produced from Le Petit Vigneau is a unique boutique winery in the gorgeous town of Saint Paul de Vence.

Steve is cracking open in our BLACK RIBBED VEST paired with the ECRU PLEATED SHIRT.

Checkout a montage of our stay...