Josiah Miller

July 18th, 2023

Pleated & Crochet Knit Polo

Restocks & New Colourways

On Thursday 20th July we have a restock in our beautiful pleated sets and crochet knit Polo's to help build out your summer/holiday wardrobe.

Our Pleated Sets are restocking in the Black and Grey, that sold out rapidly online. In addition to this we have 3 new colourways, in Khaki, Lilac & Navy that we are excited to share with you.

The Short Sleeve Crochet Knit Shirts that sold out within days of being out, have the Black and White coming back aswell as two more colourways being Sage Green & Navy

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Pleated Colourways...

Khaki, Lilac & Navy

Part of our new colourways in the pleated silhouette, is a light Khaki Green. 

In addition to this, we have it coming in Navy, for a smarter look & Lilac colourway to spice up your summer holiday wardrobe. 

All colourways would be matched well with our white vest and white cupsole to complete the look.

Grey Pleated (Restock)

In our list of restocks, we had to bring back the Grey Pleated in the short sleeve shirt and short for summer but also we've added a long sleeve shirt and trouser aswell so you can wear in the transitional seasons.

These colourways in the pleated shirts can be worn with a vest underneath or even the trouser can be worn as a stand alone, with a realxed or slim fit T-shirt.

Black Pleated (Restock)

Our Black Pleated set, coming back in stock in the Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Trousers and Shorts.

This set has been a sell out since it hit our website, the versatility of where you can wear them is what makes these so good, as they can be dressed up or  casually dressed down.

Adding onto this they are just so comfy and easy to wear with hoodies, shirts and t-shirts.

Crochet Colourways...

Sage Green & Navy

Featuring in our Resort Drop 5, we have our Crochet Knit Shirt in the colourways of Sage Green & Navy.

Both of these colours have a sense of sophistacation to them and can be matched with a vest underneath followed by our Linen, Pleated or Seersucker trouser or short, finally finishing with a our Cupsole or Luxe Runner

Off White (Restock)

The White Crochet Knit Shirt has been a real seller on The Resort Drop, in the Off-White, with accents of Hammered metal buttons and revere collar it is a holiday must buy. 

Matching this resort shirt with a nicely flowing trouser, ready for those summer days and nights or even for those days at the pool, it will help you look your best.

Black (Restock)

The Black Crochet Knit Shirt, featuring the Revere Collar it really does has a holiday look and feel to it, with it being Crochet it has small holes in the fabric making it breathable when in hot countries.

Our Black Crochet Knit Shirt can be worn with a black vest underneath the shirt, matching seamlessly with our pleated or seersucker trouser or short.