How To Style A Men’s Gilet

How To Style A Men’s Gilet

When it comes to men’s fashion, a gilet is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. Not only does it add an extra layer of warmth and protection for cooler days and nights, but a gilet can also be used to upgrade any outfit – from smart-casual office wear to sturdy outdoor attire. With so many styles available these days, there’s plenty of ways you can incorporate this timeless classic into your wardrobe. In this article, we’ll look at how to style a gilet for men, how to pair the versatile garment with other clothing items.

How Should A Gilet Fit For Men?

When it comes to gilet fit for men, gilets should be snug but not tight. They should have a close fit around the chest and shoulders, allowing for flexibility in arm movement. Gilets should sit level at the hip, this being true whether you’re layering a fitted t-shirt or a more relaxed style underneath, creating an uninterrupted silhouette.

Make sure that when you move and reach out, the garment’s fit stays true and unrestricted. Opt for gilets which are finished off with ribbing at the seams or collar—this helps them adjust naturally to your shape and size while sitting comfortably on your waistline – is another bonus feature to help you find the right selection of gilets. 

Men’s Gilet Outfit Ideas

The Casual Look

Creating a casual look with a gilet for men couldn’t be easier. Of course, a statement gilet like a men’s hybrid gilet that oozes confidence will be the perfect starting point, striking the balance between comfort and sophistication. Team it with a hoodie & slim-fit tracksuit bottoms in a neutral colour to keep things relaxed yet polished. Plain, baggy t-shirts or polo shirts are great options as they will add an effortless touch of class. Finishing this look off with low profile, white trainers will help enhance your overall casual style.

The Smarter Look

To achieve a smart, yet stylish look with a gilet it’s important to choose a neutral solid colour such as a navy gilet or grey gilet so it can be easily matched with other pieces in the outfit. When choosing other items, consider opting for basic pattern or plain shirts teaming it with a pair of smart trousers along with a pair of white trainers depending on the desired style. 

A patterned shirt underneath the gilet can also be an effective way to add more visual interest to the look whilst still creating an overall classic appearance. Finally, completing the outfit with an accessory such as a belt or pocket square will not only add both texture and colour but equally complete the overall look.

Summer Look

We’ve covered how to style a gilet for men in the harsher conditions, but what about summer gilet styling? 

The key to styling your gilet for the warmer months is choosing t-shirts with fabrics which are lightweight, breathable, and easy-care – like cotton or linen – in neutral tones. When it comes to shirt options, a loose short-sleeved shirt looks modern, effortless and summery. For the legs, opt for stylish shorts or tailored trousers–and remember to accessorise. A belt, sunglasses and smart casual trainers finish the look off perfectly.

Active Look

A gilet can be the perfect companion when training indoors or out. If you need some extra warmth, you can add a hooded sports jacket or windbreaker or a stylish quarter zip paired with sports shorts or tracksuit bottoms. With just the right combination of clothing pieces, you can easily master the art of gilet styling for sports and activewear.

How To Style A Men’s Gilet

If we’ve discovered one thing while writing this blog - it’s the gilet is an extremely versatile piece of kit. Whether you’re heading out and about in the city, out for cocktails at a swanky bar, heading on a summer hike, or simply off to the gym. Styling a gilet for men has never been easier.

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