5 Trouser Styles Every Man Needs In Their Wardrobe

5 trouser styles every man needs in their wardrobe

Having a variety of trousers as part of your wardrobe is essential if you're looking to stay ahead of the style curve. Whether you’re after an effortless, comfortable look or something more tailored and sophisticated, these five trouser styles will give you plenty of options when it comes to creating a timeless and fashionable ensemble. From cargo trousers to smart casual work trousers and everything in between, this guide offers up the key pieces that no man’s wardrobe should be without.

Well Fitted Black Trousers

Every man's wardrobe should contain a few timeless pieces, and a pair of well-fitted black trousers is one of them. Not only are these trousers incredibly versatile for dressing up or down, but with the right cut, colour and styling they can be truly flattering to any body shape. Plus, they won't fall apart after just a few wears. Investing in quality black trousers means you'll have a sophisticated go-to outfit that goes with everything - think crisp, white shirt with brogues and tailored coat or blazer. A classic look that oozes style without costing an arm and a leg. So ditch the ill-fitting jeans and get yourself a stylish pair of black pants that you know will fit you like a glove.

Our 24HR Black Trousers should be a wardrobe staple for every man. Made with soft stretch fabric, they’re called the 24HR trouser as they can be worn all day everyday - whether you’re heading to the office and need a work trouser or out to the pub and need something more casual.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are a wardrobe staple for any man because of their versatility and timeless style. Available in a range of colours, lengths, and styles, giving you the freedom to choose what best suits your taste and lifestyle. Thanks to its comfortable fit and rugged look, cargo pants have become the go-to fashion item for business professionals, weekend errands, and everything in between. Not only that, but they have many practical benefits too; not least multiple pockets to hold all your daily items while on the go. So if you’re looking for pants that work with every outfit choice and holds up through your active lifestyle, add a pair of cargo pants to your wardrobe immediately.

Cropped Trousers

Every man needs a pair of cropped trousers to expand their wardrobe. From work-wear to casual street style, these trousers offer a flexible and comfortable fit that is suited for any occasion. Cropped trousers don’t have to look overly dressy or laid-back either, as there’s something in between that makes them ideal for everyday living. These smart casual trousers are great for layering with shirts and jumpers to keep you on trend and looking smarter than ever. On the other hand, they’re an ideal choice when things heat up in summer with a pair of white trainers.

Our 24HR mid grey trousers offer an unbeatable combination of comfort, breathability and stretch so no matter how active your day is, you’ll stay fresh and cool the whole time. 

Smart Casual Trousers

Smart casual trousers are a must for every man's wardrobe. An item of clothing that’s versatile, stylish and comfortable enough to be worn nearly anywhere. Smart casual trousers allow a man to look both sophisticated and stylish without having to worry about being overdressed. Whether you’re attending a client meeting and need some men’s work trousers or spending a weekend out with friends, smart casual trousers make any look appropriate for the occasion. 

Plus, they can help you transition between seasons as well; depending on what type of trousers you choose, they can look equally perfect with either a shirt or t-shirt - making them ideal for any style or weather.

Stylish Tracksuit Trousers

Stylish tracksuit trousers are a wardrobe essential for every man. These versatile trousers are ideal for busy days when you want to look pulled together while still being comfortable and relaxed. Tracksuit trousers can be dressed up with a smart jacket, or dressed down with a t-shirt or hoodie for the weekend. Not only stylish but practical, they often come with zipped pockets to keep your valuables secure and make it easy to store your essentials when you’re on-the-go. Plus, their light fabrics provide added breathability, perfect for outdoor activities and exercising in any climate.

Men’s Smart Casual Trousers

Whether you’re a casual dresser or suiting up is more your style, these 5 trouser styles should be in every man’s wardrobe. With a little bit of forethought as to what occasions you’ll be wearing them, and what look you’re trying to achieve, owning a pair (or two… or three) of each type of trousers will make getting dressed that much easier.

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